Ignite the Light

Unique Times

On my daily walk, I meet this friend

Reaching Far and Wide

Searching for the light

Sheltering you and me

Bursting with color

Before it’s deciduous and ………leaves.

Reminding you that when darkness comes, leaves fall and all is cold and barren, you can reach inside for respite and light. It’s always thereeven in our darkest hour. You may be knocked to your knees, seething in anger and fear which is understandable. When the candle is ignited and you blow it out, bring it inside to illuminate your soul while you remember the burst of color from fall.

Have a blessed Dayas we stand tall in fall!

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In Love and Light,


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7 thoughts on “Ignite the Light

        1. No, My Dear! They have not. I just got back from checking. I’m following you on a Daily basis and should be getting a Daily Digest whenever you post something on WP. I’m not. When I search your blog on the reader the last post it is showing is Oct 7th? Weird. When was your last post? Can you send me the link for it? I’m very sad I’m not getting your words fresh from your heart!! Boo! Let’s get to the bottom of this?

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          1. Oh I’m soooo sad. I don’t know what to do!!!????? or is there something you need to do? I know you said that and asked me to follow through, so here I am. sigh….I’ve posted Oct 9th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 19th and today & 21th.. .. met too boo hoo. ❤️❤️ I”ll check too. xo ❤️🤗

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