Let us kiss and never part..


Let us kiss and never part

She told the wandering soldier, be my love and stay with me in old Monterey. She brought his face into her warm bosom and she sang to him.
“My beloved, let us kiss and never part, the wheel of time cannot be stopped and we shall dance upon earth till we become a part of her, We must know, soft and tender hearts. We must listen to the heartbeat of love. The parable of love, simple and sweet, love need to be nourished and caressed. Lavish the days when skin meet skin, lips meet lips, when the love voice is the sweetest sound.”

She stood-up, took the soldier’s hands. She took him to the Pacific and they danced for the stars and the moon. He whispered to her. We must sing and write, we must live and we must die. If I am blessed…

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