Gathering Breathtaking Roses In Unlikely Seasons – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Fall is the only season when I need not gather bouquets for myself. Instead, Mother Nature collects them for me. Yesterday, the daily offerings began. Running late, as usual, I rushed to my car, slipped behind the steering wheel, tossed my bag on the passenger seat, strapped on my seatbelt, and put my key in the ignition. Ready to go, I glanced through the windshield and paused. Staring at me was a sea of tiny, shining treasures.

The sunburst locust is the first to don her beautiful foliage and begin my new morning ritual. As days shorten, other gems will greet me each morning. Red maple, sugar maple, river birch, beech, and sweet gum, will each cover my car. Today’s spectacular leaflets make me smile, and I back onto the street with care. I don’t want to disturb them too soon. What comes next is the adult version of flying…

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