A Beautiful Feeling

Another great love poem from Sarah!

Heartstring Eulogies

“At last, I have set you free.
Do you know how beautiful that feels?”

The last words you ever said to me was, “Set me free.” It wasn’t something I expected, and it’s taken me so long to release the weight I’ve held on my shoulders. Weight that was never mine to bear. You see, you were everything to me. You held my heart. You saw my soul. And yet, you still chose to leave all I had given behind with a cold shoulder. As if I never mattered at all. I suppose that is what hurt the worst. The not knowing. If any of it was real, as I felt deep in the marrow of my bones. If you were the person I thought you were. But in the end, it doesn’t matter, and this weight I carry, I’ve carried it long enough. At last, I have set you…

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