Facing Your Fears and Taming Scary Paper Tigers – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We waste precious time and energy worrying about events that never happen, opinions that don’t matter, approvals we don’t need. Our imagined fears are a dog pile of a thousand tiny terrors and a hoard of gargantuan doubts. They stop us before we begin. We mustconfront our paper tigers, name them for what they are if we want to succeed.

Fear is a mechanism that evolved to keep us safe. But Saber-toothed tigers and Mastodons became extinct ten thousand years ago. To move forward, we need to determine if our concerns have any validity. What would happen if our worst thought stood manifest before us? When we consider them, most worries are dismissible, while a handful may require mitigation. Then we are free to grab our heart’s desire and prepare for an amazing ride.

Is fear stopping you?


Keep on writing.

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