What do you see # 48 – A roundup

Keep it alive


Living on this planet, our relationship with those around us needs to be symbiotic. Animalsor featheredcreatures, all need to exist is a harmonious environment. Giving due respect to the the flora and the fauna is essential to the survival of all.

Be the hand that nurtures

Not the one which robs

Gentle touch invokes trust

Open hand donates no intent to harm


Once again my heartfelt thanks to these amazing people for joining in the week’s challenge. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

Michnavs; You are home

Reena; Bonds

Chris; Trust me

Ramya Tantry; Am I free

Ramya Vivek; Love is not lost

Goutam; Migration

Suzanne; Hope

Tina; The calm before the storm

Regina; Fellow travelers

Sangeetha; Grey Jay

Cheryl; What do you see

Melanie; What do you see- 49

Happy Soul; Goodbye birdie

Susi; Fortunate

Di; What do you see


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