Revising Clarity…Like Raking Leaves

Steps In Between

I love a good metaphor. Similes make me smile. Describe, describe, describe! Isn’t that the expectation of a writer?

My answer? To an extent.

Sometimes I run with language too far in my manuscripts. This morning, as I peered out my window, the season called to me, and I listened. How timely that I am editing my book in October. Instead of combing over every sentence for mistakes, I imagined myself gripping a rake with both hands. With momentum, I pulled its teeth across the cold ground, collecting excess words, disguised in bright bursts of gold and russet. Then, with a glimpse of regret, I heaved them into the green yard waste bin.


What am I talking about? Using precise language to avoid wordiness and bring clarity to a story.

Editing a book is about tough love. Some days I have the discipline, other days I am a big…

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