Black as the night..


 Black as the night.

I watched her dance alone to the holy Jazz songs. Simmering words make her body move slow and easy to the songs. I know to keep my distance. She was so damn beautiful and I knew. If you dance with a woman, who heart is gone, her eyes are cold and deadly.  Love is myth and tale to her. Better to be a bystander who won’t learn the taste of the sweet warm lips  and the entanglement of legs, arms and skin.

When you dance with the Devil. The Devil always win. She came to me and she whispered. Not dancing with me Johnnie tonight. Is it fear or wisdom? I’m lonely my sweet man, baby, honey and dear. Please dance with me, whisper me a sexy story. Where love is sweet and forever. Make my skin bleed with need, make my body beg to be…

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