You forgave me..


You forgave me

I remember us. We were something. I chased you till you couldn’t run no-more. I promised you the moon, I promised you a ancient love. Drinking aged wine and dancing till 4 am.

Now I confess to the Pacific. I broke a angel heart in the Fall and now I feel the regret. The California Winter storms became my only friend and I told the sea.

Pretty lady told me yesterday, she whispered to me on a pay phone. I forgave you Johnnie. Please enjoy California and please be careful. You can’t escape from everything. Have great fun and find a reason to be alive.
Her last words, kind and sweet. Once we had a torrid love and we swam in kisses and sweet wine. I remember a blushing beauty, who gave everything to me and I did not know. Love sweet, love nourished can be utopia…

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