My stuff keeps speaking to me

Your Fiery

My coffee cup says, he is yours he’s the one
The sky says, hey gorgeous you’re bright as my Sun
My toast says, eat up or you’ll wither away
My tummy says, love’s filled me up for today
My wall is quite chatty, it usually screams,
I look like I’ve trapped you! It’s not as it seems!
The floor tends to whisper, one step at a time
The windows, transparent say clarity’s mine
The dishes I wash, they’re melodious tune
Says flow like the water that’s ruled by your Moon
The laundry, oft tedious still likes to talk …for some reason says trust the path that you walk
The light switches say, as they flicker off/on
Place your fear in the dark, and then click! see…it’s gone
I listen to all of my stuff as it speaks
It makes no real sense, but it’s gone on for weeks
Perhaps I…

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