Incremental Poetry ~ 61 Lines

Dark Side of the Moon

The Greatest Way to Learn

So many hours each passing day,
I sit to read, play, paint, or write.
Of books I cannot have enough,
and writing verse provokes the mind to soar;
the easel beckons me to lasso a moment in time,
holding it still;
and while the paint dries,
my soul flies high from my piano perch.
All this is commendable—and yet, it’s
too much time spent on my seat.

These grand pursuits all exercise the mind,
and well they should.
How pitiful a brawn who lifts
a hundred pounds and more above his head,
but cannot pick one little book up off the shelf.
And such a shame is one who runs
a marathon in record time, but flees faster still
when asked to write her story.
Yet this gives no excuse to sit all day,
whether to read or write.

I used to think I did…

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