In a Flash

Charmed Chaos

“We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Edgar Allen Poe

Twenty-four years have flown by in a flash
with hardships scattered about, but without a doubt 
this year of 2020 is the hardest yet

The world’s gone insane what with climate change, 
and dirty politicians lying, cheating, leading 
this once great country with vicious greed

People killed because of the color of their skin
and a viral pandemic is running rampant 
throughout this revered homeland

Wild fires are burning with pent up rage
while in our home an enemy emerged
here in my breast near my beating heart

We’ve fought cancer for months, refusing to give in
never wavering from our fervent belief
In the end our love and faith in God will prevail

Through these tribulations, shining through
the dark omens surrounding us everyday
is our enduring love, holding steadfast and true

So here’s to…

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