Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #56 – The Roundup Post

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The prompt for the Saturday Six Word Story (6WSP) #56 was: Water.

Here’s the roundup post for 6WSP #56:

By Joelle: Without water we would all die.

By Ramya Vivek at My Musings: I would never water myself down!

By Aseem Rastogi at Transition of Thoughts:

He was thirsty.

Water wasn’t enough.

By Di at pensitivity101: Nature’s wine, cool, clear and fresh.

By Cheryl at THE BAG LADY: Respite in trickling mountain stream water.

By Lisa Coleman at Our Eyes Open: Too much water is not good!

By AYR at A Young Retirement: Deep Blue Water off Ireland Coast. (Click on the link to see the beautiful photo that accompanied this prompt)

By Fandango at This, That and The Other: Do you prefer sparkling or still?

By PaperKutzs at PaperKutzs: Water is a necessity of life.

By Susi Bocks at I Write Her: Sure do miss my holy water.


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2 Easy Ways to create pingbacks in Block Editor! – The Desktop version

My Random Ramblings

Many bloggers are very much confused when it comes to pingbacks. So I thought I will help them out by making a tutorial of sorts. Watch the video to see 2 easy ways to add pingbacks. 🙂

This is my first video and clearly, I am an amateur. I am a storyteller who will probably never make it in YouTube. So please put up with the flaws. 😉

Image courtesy: Werner MoserfromPixabay

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Bits of things that pop into this mind.

You use to write me love letters.

You’d put so many beautiful words together.

I’d reread them and imagine us being together.

You won my mind and took my heart.

The chase was over, your prize discarded.

Never was it meant to be kept under lock and key.

A heart set free,

flies with butterflies for everyone to see.

I don’t cross your mind but you still cross mine.

I no longer receive love letters from you.

So out with the old.

New love letters are overdue.

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Pretty Face And Soft Heart..Beautiful 💋 And A Big Heart Causes Flaws And Weaknesses..Because Beauty Is More Then Skin Deep And Big Hearts Are A Treasure!


I had a chance to model at 17 swimsuits in NY and my mom would not let me..ROB lol he knows 🤣 I became a hooters girl at 18 …rick he knows 🤣 but along the way I learned…pretty faces and big hearts are FLAWED….open to many disappointments ..everytime I think its perfect…ITS FLAWED…SHOW ME WORLD 🌎 BIG HEARTS WIN 💕 FOR ONCE!

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