Never Assume But U Will!

Unique Times

When you Assume and you take something Personal;

You make and Ass out of U and Me. ASS U ME

Cartoon funny donkey mascot

Last week I wrote about Miquel Ruiz’s Book on the 4 Agreements If you recall. You can always go back to my post and read it or even google it if you are interested. It’s a short book with lots of pearls of wisdom.

You might remember that there was some tension between my Dad and I when he was evacuted and stayed with us for the week.

The truth is it brought me back to being 10 years old and feelings I had thought I had resolved long ago came front and center, smacking me in the face and took me to that wounded little girl. I do NOT like those feelings trust me and the part that really bothered me was catapulted back in time like a…

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6 thoughts on “Never Assume But U Will!

  1. Kay Sara Sara??? I’ve never heard that one?? LOL!!! 🀣🀣😁
    Please forgive me, My Dear!!! I just couldn’t resist!! I don’t mean to be mean! The Devil made me do it!
    Que Sera, Sera! Cindy!


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