See you There

Your Fiery

So tell me Love,
What do I do
Take the wheel and drive down the starpaved lane to you
Call the angels and hitch a ride
I’d be by your side so swiftly
I’d catch your breath on my lips before you spoke my name
Rest my wings as you sing a welcome love song
Do I follow my heart
(It’s a one way street to yours)
Or break another as I gently close the disintegrating doors
Should I wait for signs
How many more do I need to catch
Destiny’s symbols are no match
For my perceptive eye
I could dream my way
Balance my sense on closed eyelids
Travel to your arms
Tides of oceans and endless sands to carry
I could just take your hand
If you let me
No one gets to have me the way you do
let me in
I ring the…

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