Ways To Get People To Do What You Want

Be Inspired..!!

Your message is important to you, and to get others to believe in it, you can shape itin many ways. But don’t forget that what you sayfirst your “pre-suasive” tactics strongly influences what you say next, and what your audience retains.

Here are few ways to get people to do what you want :

  • Be extremely charming, confident and likeable. People will bend to your will more if they like you. Being well dressed also doesn’t hurt.
  • Mirror the person’s behaviour to make the person feel more at ease and they tryst you more.
  • At the beginning of the conversation, make the person say “yes”, nod or voice agreement to something you say. This will make the person subconsciously more receptive to what you say afterwards.
  • Make the person feel respected and important. Everyone loves to feel special. No matter how powerful you are.
  • Push for a feeling rather than…

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