A Glimpse of Gold (with audio)

Secret Thoughts Within

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I have been warned that I fall in love with people too easily,
but I have my reasons.
I am not naive,
I can see people’s faults and dark intentions,
but I also see their hidden riches.

I am captivated by the unusual and overlooked rarityin people.
If there is gold in someone,
I will gleefully get a glimpse of it
in all its glittering glory.
I have fine tuned my expertise in extracting
the exceptional from the expected.
I delight in the dingy,
marvel at the mundane,
and comprehend the complicated.

Will I be hurt by such an enthusiastic love for man-kind?
Without a doubt.
Uncovering gold deposits in a person means
you have to push past their pains
and I’ve found that pains
don’t like to be disturbed.
I have taken my fair share of knocks and nicks;
some have left scars.

For love…

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