Poem: Free Verse — « Healing Hearts » #amwritingpoetry



A heart is not something to break,

Once smashed, little pieces chink.

Fissures, cracks, bits of clay crackle,

And, a potter knows well their art,

When each side is balanced, all curves equal.

Clay not too thick in places,

Thicker in others where it’s meant to be fuller.

A heart’s not something to fracture,

It aches in a way you can’t imagine.

An emptiness, a vague, sharp pain;

So, keep your heart open, let not others abuse it.

Let you and God shape the pieces together,

Though something broken isn’t the same as when new —

Let no scattered bits disappear that the potter once moulded;

Fired in their furnace with outstanding design.

For each heart, each human, has a purpose;

And you can’t unmake the world, a person or their heart.

At times hearts fracture, damage maybe permanent;

But, you mend, glue the refuse, mould bits together.


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