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Who said big boys don’t cry?

Always be ready to stand up and fight.

Only the strong survive.

Look at the “Mama’s Boy”.

Little boy, it’s okay to cry.

You can decide to walk away from a fight.

Empty victories do not promise becoming the man inside.

Let them talk.

Hold your head up high.

Let the sun beam down on you and shine.

Your mother will look at you with such pride.

Wise men know how to use their mind. 

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Poem: Free Verse — « Healing Hearts » #amwritingpoetry


A heart is not something to break,

Once smashed, little pieces chink.

Fissures, cracks, bits of clay crackle,

And, a potter knows well their art,

When each side is balanced, all curves equal.

Clay not too thick in places,

Thicker in others where it’s meant to be fuller.

A heart’s not something to fracture,

It aches in a way you can’t imagine.

An emptiness, a vague, sharp pain;

So, keep your heart open, let not others abuse it.

Let you and God shape the pieces together,

Though something broken isn’t the same as when new —

Let no scattered bits disappear that the potter once moulded;

Fired in their furnace with outstanding design.

For each heart, each human, has a purpose;

And you can’t unmake the world, a person or their heart.

At times hearts fracture, damage maybe permanent;

But, you mend, glue the refuse, mould bits together.


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Priyanshi shah

From an innocent kid,
To vicious bird.
From an encouraging childhood,
To lost in maturity.
From magical mysteries and curiosity,
To doubting our own self.
We all evolve with stories,
Sometimes with an interesting climax,
Sometimes with an entertainment,
Sometimes with a tragic ending,
It brings solace,
It brings joyful eternities,
It brings suffering.
It shows who stays,
It shows who left,
It shows who was constantly there but we never saw,
No matter what the story portrays,
We need to “live” in a story,
With all emotions,
With pauses and stillness,
With breathtaking moments.
It’s better to modify a story than never creating it.

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Help for Stuck Jar Lids | Bottom Line Inc

This is the very best way to open a stuck jar lid – put a folded dish towel down on a counter top and turn the jar upside down and keeping the top flat to the counter, strongly tap the jar down on the towel a number of times.  This breaks the suction seal and the jar will almost 100% of the time open.
It’s worked great for me for decades
Chuck Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet

Extra help for stubborn jar lids.

Source: Help for Stuck Jar Lids | Bottom Line Inc