Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 290 – Caring

Come read Spidey’s wisdom

But I Smile Anyway...

“The more we genuinely care about others, the greater our own happines and inner peace.”

Allan Lokos

Thank you so much, Spidey for such a profound quote, today.

Care is something on my mind a lot, right now, because, as a teacher, it is our duty to care about the pupils under our wings.

Especially now, care is so important, because of what has been happening over the last few months. (Pandemic, anyone?)

We’re watching these tender souls, whether young or old, reaching out to them all, especially the ones who have had awful experiences during lockdown. From illnesses and losing loved ones, to possible exposure to abuse, both physical and verbal, social anxieties and worry about being with others again, we’re seeing it all.

And I tell you what, we do care. A lot.

So much so, that sometimes the emotional workload doesn’t leave our shoulders when we depart…

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5 thoughts on “Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 290 – Caring

    1. I so love the wisdom that Spidey shares with us each week!! I so appreciate and love your persistent support of my blog, Ritu!!!! You are such a Sweet Angel!! I do worry about you and yours, Dear with what I am hearing about Covid where you are plus being a teacher. Please be safe, take precautions and make sure the school is protecting the kids and their most Precious resource – YOU and al the other teachers!! You really are Amazing, Dear with all you do. I hope you have recovered from being
      Exhaustaption!!! I think that is a complication from too much “Whirlwinding”!!


        1. Yes, that is what I’m hearing and why I am very worried about you considering your job and higher than normal exposure!! I’m am keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
          Be safe and careful!


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