Siren Call

Sarah Doughty

“You are a siren to me, so keep
blanketing me with your song
and let me stay lost.”

Sirens have a way with those songs of theirs. No matter how hard you want to resist, you sometimes find yourself in the water before you realize what’s happening. And that’s what it feels like whenever I hear your voice telling me how much you crave me. Whenever I hear your words caressing my skin like a long lost lover. That’s when I knew you were a siren to me. So please, don’t stop talking. Blanket me with your song and let me stay lost in them forever.

© Sarah Doughty

Because you are always my siren call.

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Your Fiery

It was just a whisper really; a mere touch of you, a taste I had been craving for so long, my Love. It was just a kissbreath caressing my heart, the slightest feather of a silently sensual stroke on my senses. And as my body answered you in trembling, quivering syllables, as my breath abandoned me and my gasping breast pulsated for more, please baby, just a little more… you ethered away. Today…I will need you to lay your deepest, warmest, onlymine self on me because my souladdiction has been amuse-bouched and I



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Autumn leaves

My Random Ramblings

Young, green, and tender
the leaves rustle in the wind.
They cling on to the branches,
refusing to let go
and be blown away.
They hold on,
unyielding to the wind's breath.
As the seasons pass,
the leaves lose their youth.
Come autumn,
and they finally let go
surrendering to the wind's mercy.
They let go
and embraced their fate
for they knew
that endings are inevitable.
The cycle of life goes on
and there was nothing they could do!
In the prime of their lives,
they had been young and stupid.
They used to scorn and despise
the old leaves that had surrendered.
But as they turned
into old leaves themselves,
they realised that
letting go wasn't as bad
as they had imagined.

This post was written in response to Eugi’s Weekly prompt for this week – Autumn leaves. the challenge is to go where the prompt leads you…

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Take Life as it Comes!


She gulped the tough times,
Felt every lesson deeply…
Amid the shady clouds,
She kept her face towards the sun…

Ready to take the life as it comes,
She embraced every moment tightly…
Letting go nothing but the negativity,
She is paving the way for positive vibes in her life…

Wearing her hobbies like an armor,
She decided to look back,
Only to not repeat the lessons life taught her the difficult way…

Staring in the eyes of the girl in the mirror,
She is determined to stay strong…
Keeping her faith in God strong,
Delving in the never give up spirit deeper…
She won’t let the creation of the Lord go waste…

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