By Christine Bolton And Charles Robert Lindholm

The Shifting Sands
Of The Desert

Have No Empathy
For The Confused
And Unprepared

An Arid Expanse,
A Two Faced
The Truth,
And The Hidden
Dangers Ahead
With An Alluring Beauty

Layered And Complicated
She’s Loved,
Yet Unloved Too,
A Lover To Some
And The Devil
To The Foolish

Obstacles Exist
For Those
Who Never Learned
Her Secrets

For Body And Soul

A Cage-Less Prison
With No Escape
For The Proud
And Disrespectful
Burned By The Sun,
Victims Of Thirst

Who Are Buried
By The Shifting Sands,
And The Wind

Copyright © 2020 Christine Bolton And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved- 09-16-2020 – 2:00 p.m.

Writing With Christine Was An Honor And Privilege And So Very Magical!!  And I’m Hoping For More Duets Together!
We Hope You Enjoy Our Collaboration??
Duet Inspired By Christine Bolton’s – Shifting Sands

Her Truth

Siren Whispers


She is quiet
even when speaking.

With much going on beneath the surface
it’s the things she doesn’t say
you need to take heed of,
for the secrets to her are locked up
within those silences

Published on Medium: P.S. I Love You for Poetry Sunday

Find the complete version here.


©2019 Christine Kelly All Rights Reserved

Photo byAlexander KrivitskiyonUnsplash

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Words we don’t say

Sorry For Your Loss – R.I.P. Oreo


And though days go by
without a single mention of your name
you are there…
in words we don’t say…
at the grocery store
when our feet takes us to the pet isle
as if it has forgotten its way,
just to remember this squeaky dog toy
will no longer be yours;
when we miss
our best greeter
to love us with slobbery kisses and barks…
when we close our eyes
and hold on to the memories a little tighter
for they alone heal
this heavy feeling in our hearts.

You are there, everywhere…
for the love we hold
goes beyond the distance we share…
and you my dear Oreo are loved
in earth or in heaven…
Happy Birthday!

image copyright neha 2020

This would have been Oreo’s 15th Birthday. We all miss him very much, this is the first birthday he celebrates in heaven and we send him eternal…

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The 2020 Daily Writing Challenge – September 16

Jo Hawk

2020 Daily Writing Challenge

Writing is like driving at night in the fog.
You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.
– E. L. Doctorow

Today is Day 260 of the 2020 Daily Writing Challenge.

Did you write yesterday? Half of the year is in our rear-view mirror, and I am drawing a line in the sand. The targets I missed, the stories I didn’t compose, they no longer matter. These last six months are history. Done. I won’t lie, 2020 kicked me in the head, leaving me stunned, unsteady, and incapable of completing anything beyond basic tasks. I bet I am not alone, but don’t count me out yet. They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? I am confident I will discover I am more capable than I have ever been. I dug deep, reevaluated my annual goals, and I decided…

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For Terrific Results, Unlock Your Carefully Contained Emotions — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I possess a kingdom like Alcott’s. It is a hidden kingdom, full of deep thoughts, raw emotions, and heartfelt feelings kept under lock and key. The kingdom’s inhabitants are unruly. They laugh uncontrollably, they weep, they scream in anger and frustration, and they love with every ounce of their souls.

The warden of the kingdom has a daunting task. The warden must keep them contained, quiet, and hidden. Perhaps the warden should let them run free, their reward for good behavior. Released to the wild, we can observe their reactions, capture, and capitalize on their emotions. These emotions, thoughts, and feelings are brilliant fodder for when I am writing.

How do you access emotions for your writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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