Precious Time

Please Make Time for this great post!!

Unique Times

Time don’t let it away

Savor the moments

Hidden in every nook and cranny

My grandpas watch in my pocket

Saying catch me if you can

You can’t bottle it or save it

So enjoy each precious second.

Tic tock tic time is a wasting

Don’t let it slip away thinking of what could have been yesterday

Or will be tomorrow

Off to my garden with fresh veggies and herbs

Did I say you can’t bottle Thyme?

I just did with my herbs in the garden

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Good Morning Everyone ~

When I was digging up my garden to plant this year, I needed to take the well established Thyme out to make room for something else. So, I dried it and then bottled it and put in my seasoning drawer and it’s so fragrant and fresh. I also replanted some in tiny pots and…

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