Precious Time

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Unique Times

Time don’t let it away

Savor the moments

Hidden in every nook and cranny

My grandpas watch in my pocket

Saying catch me if you can

You can’t bottle it or save it

So enjoy each precious second.

Tic tock tic time is a wasting

Don’t let it slip away thinking of what could have been yesterday

Or will be tomorrow

Off to my garden with fresh veggies and herbs

Did I say you can’t bottle Thyme?

I just did with my herbs in the garden

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Good Morning Everyone ~

When I was digging up my garden to plant this year, I needed to take the well established Thyme out to make room for something else. So, I dried it and then bottled it and put in my seasoning drawer and it’s so fragrant and fresh. I also replanted some in tiny pots and…

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I Write Her

The word invaluable, defined as something extremely useful or indispensable, means powerful and positive. I despise this word. The problem for me that many of the words I’ve learned over the years, which begin with ‘in,’ describe something opposite the definition of the word that follows said ‘in.’ So, my mind has to shift from it being something negative to it being positive. Why is the English language so damn wishy-washy about its rules?

Here is a list of just a few of the words we’ve all grown up to understand as the opposite just because the ‘in’ is in front of it:


Add to that, pet peeve #2, people using the word when I’m already conflicted about having to rethink it when I read it! How come they aren’t just as…

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I Love You


I loved you then, and I love you now
and I will love you even when I am gone
even when I am gone
I will be among the autumn leaves
gently and graciously falling on the grounds
I will be among the flowers, the bees, the butterflies
and the trees around, watching over as you
unravel the vastness of the universe
wandering without me
and wondering about me
but know that every scent you smell,
is every breath I take
every hum you hear is
every whisper of my “I love you”
every color you see
is every smile I make
and every shade you walk in
is every embrace I gave
and when I find my way back to you again
I will cling unto you every single moment,
every single moment
I will hold on to you so tight
that nothing, and no one
will ever break…

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When Do You Stop Doubting and Recognize Your Master Work? – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci represent two exceptionally creative minds. Masters, geniuses, prolific renaissance men, they were also famous for abandoning their work and leaving potentially more impressive masterpieces unfinished. A pair of monumental frescos commissioned for the great hall of Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio are prime examples. Leonardo’s The Battle of Anghiari and Michelangelo’s Battle of Cascina were started in 1504 and abandoned a year later. They never completed the frescos.

Every writer, architect, painter, and entrepreneur has experienced failure. Failing teaches us, even if the lesson is how not to create. The title Master implies we finish what we start. Finishing, calling a piece complete, might prove to be more difficult than admitting defeat. Creating masterful art is not for mortals or weaklings. Anything crafted by humans will be flawed. Some critics argue flaws accentuate beauty. Flawless execution, whatever that is, they say, leaves the viewer bored.

How do…

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Value Of Things~MwsR Thoughts – Mws R Writings

Often we do not look fully at the honest to goodness value of things or people. We should always try to. There is hidden value in almost anyone and anything. Sometimes it takes an earnest double-take to spot hidden values. How about that mailman? Or postal worker? How often do you fully understand their valueContinue reading

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The Beauty Of Poetry

Walt's Writings

The Beauty Of Poetry

The beauty of poetry
is in the flow of the words,
the rhythm of each line,
the heartfelt emotion of the poet,
the way it makes the reader feel
and the ability to be interpreted
in different ways by different readers.
Poetry can be words of love
or verses of venom.
The poet decides the rhythm and flow,
what his words mean
and how long or short his poem is.
There may be a similarity in his poetry
or his poetry can be like nothing else.
His poetry is based on his life experiences.
Readers will decide whether
they like or hate his work.
That is the beauty of poetry.

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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