Megha's World

charl-van-rooy-665746-unsplashThis city is crazy

this city is brimming

there is always something



people walk with crinklednoses

and with scurried steps

withthe voice of the screaming heart

those spires of the skyscrapers piercing and pinching

the heart of the sky

which bleeds on thepeople

who bet theirlife on the beauty of the alabaster moon

You cross a women

You cross a man on the sidewalk

his head tilted and twisted like a dead sparrow

light of the phones

lightningup their dead sulleneyes

and marred soul

waking up to the ping of the next message

dreamssoaked and broken in the

morning tea

like the drowned pieces of biscuits

and broken sidewalks

are crushed under the feet

when your head is stuck in the sky

but the heart is rotting downbelow

Can you smell the stench?

Photo byCharl van RooyonUnsplash


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