Our Own Truth

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Roth Poetry

Perhaps I should have added this as an addendum to my Selfie poem yesterday, on d’Verse! It is not hard to become jaded as we grow older, especially in the political climate of today. I can identify with many of the attitudes shown here.

Seems the only room we have for truth

is for our own

We know we are right

with answers to change the world

Through biased eyes we look // we judge

unable to understand any divergent thinking

Even when reality stares us in the face

we close our mind’s eyes and fail to listen

We lash out proclaiming our kindness

while demanding others believe our truth

How could they not // after all we are right

Seems so clear to us

Why do they not see and fall in line

How could they possibly question our truth

especially when we are demanding care

and compassion in…

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