By Charles Robert Lindholm

Have you ever wondered how Authoritarian Dictators take over a free society? I have, especially with what is going on in America today and elections looming in the Trump – Biden contest!!

Is America in danger of losing its democracy to an Authoritarian that wants to become a Dictator? I wondered and stumbled across some information on how Hitler did it!! Please read this from “Facing History and Ourselves!!! Share it with friends!

Don’t let the Evil in history repeat itself in America!!

How did Hitler do it? How did he destroy the Weimar Republic and replace it with a totalitarian government – one that controls every part of a person’s life? Many people have pointed out that he did not destroy democracy all at once. Instead, he moved gradually, with one seemingly small compromise leading to another and yet another. By the time many were aware of the danger, they were isolated and alone.

This chapter details those steps. It also explores why few Germans protested the loss of their freedom and many even applauded the changes the Nazis brought to the nation. Historian Fritz Stern offers one answer. “The great appeal of National Socialism – and perhaps of every totalitarian dictatorship in this century – was the promise of absolute authority. Here was clarity, simplicity.” To achieve that clarity, the German people gave up “what for so long they had taken for granted: the formal rule of law, a free press, freedom of expression, and the elementary protection of habeas corpus.”2 *SEE CITE

Don’t let Authoritarian government come to America – VOTE FOR FREEDOM AND THE RULE OF LAW!!

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  1. Anything and everything needs to be done to stop 45 from winning the election but we also have work to do with respect to the next Supreme Court nomination. Here’s one way to fight – Their current campaign is to make sure that this doesn’t happen this year. McConnell (the hypocrite) says he will confirm the next justice. He shouldn’t! Text SIGN NTFIEZ to 50409 or DM SIGN NTFIEZ

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    1. I so agree, but realistically there is no way to stop Barrett from being a Supreme Court justice. Trump is going to try and take the election to the Supreme Court where his handpicked justices (3) will make him president. Our only hope is that Biden wins Florida.

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      1. I know but the only way we stop that is if voting is astronomically in favor of Biden. Registrations are up, advance voting is up, polls are favoring Biden and much more Democratic support than I’ve seen EVER! So I’m hopeful.

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  2. I really really hope that people see the light on voting day. Whereby Biden wins by such a landslide that that electoral whatever cannot legitimately say it was Trump. I am appalled by the headlines I read this morning. about how he no longer has to be ‘nice’ as if that asswipe knew what nice is all about. Please please please let them see the light. As opposed to all the death.
    Good morning Chuck no great rant this morning. Have a great day. 🙂

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