Great News – I’M A FINALIST!!!

Help Susi Win!!! Come and Vote! Go Susi!!

I Write Her

I’m beyond ecstatic! This is the first online voting I’ve been a part of and I made it to the finals. Woot Woot!! So exciting! 🙂

Here is where the magic happens. If you want me to win and deem this poem worthy, please click this link and cast your vote or votes if you are allotted more than one. You’ve gotten me this far, please help to take me over the finish line. Whether I win or not, as always, I’m so happy for your love and support! ❤ xoxo

Let’s do this!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Great News – I’M A FINALIST!!!

    1. Well, of course, Dearest! I’m a member of your supporter/Cheerleader club! It’s in the bylaws I think??? LOL! Happy to hear you are now in 4th. Hopefully that will change after followers read the reblog?


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