Tips for Relieving Anxiety

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And a little anxiety can actually be useful. Feeling nervous can get the adrenalin pumping and make you more alert. But it’s when short-term anxiety becomes a more long-term condition that problems start. Chronic anxiety can be crippling and may lead to an inability to concentrate, constant nausea, palpitations and insomnia. It can also cause other conditions such as depression and even agoraphobia. The important thing to remember about controlling anxiety is quickly conquering it before it gets out of hand – which means managing stress.

Here are some tips of relieving anxiety :

  • Take a deep breath. Inhale slowly to a count of 4, hold it to a count of 4, and slowly exhale to a count of 4. Repeat several times.
  • Find a reason to smile/laugh/feel grateful. For example, if you are stressed by your job, practice gratitude for having a job.
  • Accept the fact that you are…

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