Indestructible 💪💋 Written By Nichole Sulpizio


Racing thoughts

Whirlwind of emotions

Searing pain

However not ashamed

Of her past mistakes

Heart breaks

Pierced with a sword

Steel blade


Tears flow down

Upon her delicate face

Like a inferno


Escaping there hell

Fire rages in her veins 🔥

To the villains

Who stole time from her

In there audacity

And insecurities

She unbeknownst to them


But scarred

Having to save herself

From there demise

Of evil demons

With no soul

Whom stole her innocence

Learning to live again

She dances in the rain

As it falls

Cleansing the sins

Of them from her

The sun peaking through

Replacing gloom

With illumination of light

Heart rejoices in the basking glow

Without a doubt she is not broken 💖

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