You Never Thought I would Run! 💋


To all you beautiful men AND women out there ❤ Do me a favor 😉 if your lucky enough to have a Amazing significant other cherish and adore and love them! Because when you lie or cheat or treat someone badly even if they love you THEY WILL LEAVE! The heart breaks but it heals! And then they find someone WHO WILL TREAT THEM LOVINGLY and you will never admit it out loud but you hurt!! Those whom read this and act smug its insecurities and truth…tonight to anyone who had to leave a bad relationship and it was hard to do…congrats 👏 you love yourself and your self worth .. And if there is anyone on the fence thinking about it, your contemplating it and it feels wrong then you know what you have to do..BUT.. if you both can work it out then that’s even better yet… but…

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