Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated Part 1

Be Inspired..!!

If you’re on your way to trying to do something in your life, be it losing weight or just living a better lifestyle, and you find yourself ready to give in, or you  begin to doubt yourself and your abilities, then read on.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated when in a slump :

  • Accept that no journey is without twists and turns. If you’re lazy, unmotivated, or in a slump because you fear failure, understand that failure is necessary to find out what works. So fail fast and learn quick.
  • Daydream. Close your eyes and think about the emotions you’ll feel when you reach your goals. Let these feelings of joy, happiness and excitement energise and motivate you.
  • Set aside time to strategise each evening. Each evening, review what you’ve accomplished and give yourself major props. Then, list up the three tasks you want to accomplish…

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