Mature Material

Secret Thoughts Within

I’ve finally got you alone.
I’ve been waiting all day for this moment
And I promise to make the most of it.
I won’t overlook a single part of you.

My pulse quickens in anticipate of what I’m about to do to you.
My fingers are itching to start,
My lips are twitching to taste you.
Oh God, I need you so badly tonight.

I slowly drink you in,
Devouring you with my hungry eyes.
I’ve never seen a sight so alluring,
I can’t look away, you hold me captive.

Damn your sinful sensuality!
You really aremy naughty little secret.
What makes it all the more enticing
Is knowing that being with you like this is forbidden.

I love that you make me feel this way,
It’s why I keep coming back for more.
I can’t hold out any longer, I must have you now.
I pull…

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