The past i kiss goodbye while I spread my wings to fly to a beautiful future 💙💜

She will never have soft skin like me

Her lips will never taste of red wine

She will never possess the powers of my touch

Sensual women are always a must

Beautiful heart

And the words I speak

This she can never meet

The princess in her pink delight

Full of bubbles and dreams

Not misery and schemes

Pretty in bows and gloss

Your pride left you alone and lost


Stuck in despair

On your knees you pray she will one day compare

Sorry love it is safe to say

Not all women come this way

Dancing until the sun will rise

Glitter sparkling around my eyes

Stilettos and lace



Delicate face

Never can you replace


The future bright as starlit night

Dancing on my hearts delight ♥


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Your Impossible Dreams, Attained by Taking One Tiny Step Every Day – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


What is your definition of “Impossible”? Something no one has done? Or something you don’t think you can accomplish? I couch my “impossibilities” as problems seeking answers. That interpretation creates solvable equations, and solving them requires effort. If the goal is doable, it’s a matter of completing the required work. Climbing Mt Everest is possible, over 4,000 people have reached it, but it comes with a price. Your hope of attaining the summit may cost you your life. Naming the Impossible’s entrance fee leaves the rest to you. Are you willing to ante up?

The solution’s phase two is commitment. Find your burning desire, and bolster your resolve to complete the work that will advance you toward your goal. Don’t expect others to support you because chances are they won’t. Grow accustomed to failing. Soichiro Honda once said, “Success is 99% failure.” The key is picking yourself up and continuing…

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The Art Of Bothering

By Alanna Pass

image courtesy BBC (RubberBall / Alamy)

Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, it has. The issues confronting this country (and the world beyond) makes one tempted to roll over on ones back, legs up in defeat. I need not mention them. You all know- especially in the USA.

This enormity of disasters makes one wonder- is it all hopeless? What good can I do that will make a difference? I’ve been thinking all this week about this question “why bother?” This is what I came up with…


To pick up a stray dog

To swerve for a mouse

To vote

To let another cut in front of you

To pick up litter

To eat less meat

To cook

To mend

To care about climate change

To do something about it

To smile at strangers

To call instead of text

To donate

To volunteer


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I’ve spent childhood believing
that there’s this idyllic destination
where the people are kind
and the world doles out only
what you can handle
that there’s some supreme being
making decisions that are
what’s best for me

but I’m learning lately that
looking out for yourself
is the only guarantee that you’re cared for
that there are no other more capable hands
to manifest what the future holds for me
than mine.

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Comply or die, but do not dream, you’re a minority

Rambles of a Poethead

I’m overwhelmed by the state of our world today.

It’s devastating to look back on our history to pretend everything was okay.

How can we, as human beings, treat each other as enemies?

How can we allow the hate to flood our streets?

Why is love ridiculed when it comes to our right for justice and liberty?

We can’t afford to accept the critics of indifference for our integrity.

We are living in a dead land of dreams,

Whittling away our ingrained democracy

For the sake of those with faithless beliefs

Whose morals are faced with treachery;

Unfortunately, this is what our nation has come to be.

A pursuit of happiness is only obtained from your family tree,

Hope to God that you are one of the mighty elite

Because you can only get so far in a capitalist society

Should you ever have the misfortune of being anything BUT…

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