Megha's World

First Published in Literary Yard, August 2018

velizar-ivanov-711636-unsplashYour absence is a reminder of the pain

a phantom entity

present in one moment

absent in the other

like the suppurating sore

at the roof of my mouth

stemming from the disbelief of heart

like the deep seeded

memories of the

youth in the old eyes of my mother

covered with the

cataract thick as a fig

Your absence is a reminder of the pain

like the scab, I keep pulling

on the fingers

just good enough to keep the pain

simmering under the folds of the skin

living in the constant fear of losing

you to whiplash of time

like the fading

lines on the palm of my granny

as she holds the old letters

too close to her chest

wishing her tight clutches

will stop them from losing them to

merciless time

Your absenceis a reminder of the pain

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