Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Be Inspired..!!

Expressing our creativity requires the same attention to process. You can’t expect to produce a great design just because you have a seemingly great idea. There is no magic button. Whatever light bulb moment you experience has to be tempered with meaningful planning and preparation if you want to create something arresting, powerful, and lasting. If you want some guidance on how to improve your creative process, consider these tips as a starting point.

  • Work in a room with blue walls. Blue coloured walls are good for stimulating creativity.
  • Dim lighting is also good for stimulating creativity. Dim your lights or take your work to a cafe at night.
  • Have some background noise while you are brainstorming. Go to a public space or play some white noise at home.
  • Creativity flows best when you are in a positive mood. Find a funny YouTube video to laugh at.
  • Work with limits/restrictions, which will get you…

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