Tips for Improving Concentration

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What does one do to improve their ability to concentrate? It takes the discipline of frequent self-reminding. You learn to focus by making yourself do it—again and again—until it becomes a habit, a way of thinking.

Here are some tips for improving concentration :

  • Eliminate noise and other distractions from your environment. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach a place of focused concentration. Thus, constant interruptions will stop you reaching that place.
  • Deliberately structure your environment so that the focus is clearly on the task, and not on doing, and seeing, other things. That may mean changing the room you work in, moving your desk, and so on.
  • Clarify your goals for each piece of work. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re hoping to achieve, you’ll likely go in circles, and simply waste your time.
  • Break large tasks down into smaller sections, and then plan how…

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