By Keza And Charles Robert Lindholm

We Lived A Lifetime
We Lived It Well
Through Each Day Together
Through Heaven And Hell

Solid And Strong
Was The Bond That We Made
We Faced Each New Moment

We Danced
Through Each Day
And Gazed At The Stars
Wondering If Others
Had A Love Like Ours

Passing Through Time
At A Dizzying Pace,
It’s Been So Long
Since I’ve Seen Your Face
In The Afternoon Sun
Laughing And Giggling
As We Teased each Other,
And Shared Sweet Kisses
And Long Embraces,
You Gave Me Goosebumps
And More

When I Looked
In The Eyes Of My Angel
I  Always Heard Them
Professing Her Love
For Me

She’s No Longer Hurting
No Longer Ill
As I Stand In Silence
At The Top Of The Hill
Standing Alone
As I Stand By Her Stone

I Visit Her Often
As The Sun Disappears
Blowing Her Kisses
And Thanks For The Years,
We Shared Love
And Dreams Together,

As I Whisper
Sweet Promises
Of Our Reunion

Copyright © 2020 Keza And Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 08-22-2020 – 7:00 a.m.

Many Thanks To Keza For The Joy Of Writing With Her!!!  Hoping For More!!