All About Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is also knowns as ascorbate or ascorbic acid. The word Ascorbic acid comes from the Latin “Scorbutus”, which was the term they used for the disease scurvy. Hence, putting an “a” at the front meaning anti-scurvy, “a-scorbic”. Vitamin C is extremely water soluble, this is because it contains 4 hydroxyl groups (-OH), it has a chemical structure of C6H6O6.

Vitamin C is associated with the outbreak of scurvy, especially among sailors. According to the history 60% of sailors that undertook a sea voyage dies from scurvy. Gyorgy was first to extract vitamin C and experiment with it. In 1932, he even worked out how to prevent survey in guinea pigs. In 1935, the structure was determined by Scientists Haworth and Hirst. This won them and Gyorgy the Nobel Prize. It wasn’t until 1601 when Sir Lancaster revolutionised nutrition by selling oranges and lemons to shipmates. Up until this…

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