Be Careful What You Say

Be Inspired..!!

Every now and then, a word will slip so easily off someone’s tongue and stab me right in the gut. It could be a co-worker joking around, grinning as they call their friend a slur. I try to hide my discomfort. I usually grin and bear it. But sometimes I can’t and I have to say something. “What’s the big deal?” they’ll say, instantly defensive and obviously feeling like I’m raining on their parade. “I don’t mean it like that. Stop being so sensitive.”

There are however many reason why you should be careful for what you say. Here are some :

  • Don’t talk. The enemy has ears everywhere.
  • Don’t imagine that every one who speaks English is to be trusted, and that every uniform covers a friend.
  • Don’t exchange confidences with casual companions or when travelling at home or abroad.
  • Don’t trust strangers who write to you, who offer…

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