All About Miso

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The Japanese have long known about miso’s remarkable health benefits. Recent research has found that the benefits of miso come not only from the nutrients in the soybeans, but also from other ingredients that arise from the action of aspergillum and other milds used in the fermentation and aging processes.

Here are some health benefits of Miso :

  • Miso soup helps prevent gastric disorders. Studies indicate that those who regularly have miso soup are less susceptible to gastric cancer and suffer less from stomach disorders such as gastritis, gastric ulcers or duodenal ulcers. Miso is rich in digestive enzymes and provides protective action for the stomach lining.
  • Miso helps prevent cancer – Studies have also shown that a daily intake of miso soup also helps to prevent breast cancer. Lab tests have also shown that miso helps to prevent colon cancer in lab rats and liver cancer in lab mice.

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