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Jo Hawk


I am a total failure—when consuming podcasts or taking part in virtual conference calls. I have good intentions. But ten to fifteen minutes into the audio program, I discover I have zoned out. My mind has wandered. I don’t have a clue what the last individual said, and I pray the presenter won’t ask me a probing question. If it is a recording, I rewind only to experience the phenomenon happen again. I never noticed zoning out during in-person meetings.

It made me wonder if it was the host’s delivery, their cadence, or the sound of their voice? Perhaps it was the subject? I researched the art of active listening and studied the meditation trick of returning my focus to the call. After some experimentation, I discovered similar mental inattentiveness with podcasts, audiobooks, and online meetings. Music and movies also have this effect, though to a lesser extent. Maybe it…

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