Secret Sonnet

Secret Thoughts Within

I know when she’s near, your mind is a blur,
She holds the one key to your heart’s desires.
But knowing this truth will still not deter,
For you, my long aching soul never tires.
Stop Babe! Oh don’t give your kind heart away!
Know I’d be your sweet love in one second.
From yourmasculineside I’d never stray,
Even if a man with pure blood beckoned.
The tragedy is you just call me ‘friend’.
It’s not my fair heart that sets yours ablaze.
I’m not sure how long I can play pretend,
Life without you drifts in a cold dark haze.
But if you change your mind, please make it clear.
Just tell me “Yes” and I’ll love without fear.

This has been a labour of creative love and I may never do it again for the amount of time and energy it took 😅. I am…

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