Never Enough

Charmed Chaos

Janine sat on the front porch in her creaky rocking chair watching the sun peek over the horizon. It was going to be another long, hot day. She closed her eyes, listening to the birds singing to the rising sun. Memories came flooding back. She drifted off, lost in the past.

He was there, always- brief flashes of strong arms encircling her at odd moments every day. When she was in the henhouse, gathering eggs, when she was mucking out the horse stall, and laying down fresh hay. He enchanted her at the most unexpected times. In an instant, their clothes torn away as they lay on the sweet smelling alfalfa. After, he was pulling strands of hay from her curly tendrils.

How she missed him!

When it is over said and done, it was a time and there was never enough of it.

dVerse Poets Pub:Prosery

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