Making the Most of Your Sleepless Nights – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I will not lie. I can sleep in some amazing situations. For eight weeks, my commute involved a seventeen-seat prop plane where amidst rumbling engines, choppy weather, and non-reclining seats the sandman often found me before takeoff. Family members have recounted window-rattling, house-shaking thunderstorms that woke everyone in the household except for yours truly. Commuter trains, picnic tables, the cab of a pickup truck, a 100-year-old barn, a tent pitched on rocky terrain, and a 24-foot boat anchored in the middle of a lake, top the unusual places where I slept like a baby.

Why then, do I find it so difficult to fall asleep in my bed? I’ve read the list of helpful tips. I dimmed the lights, turned the temperature to the meat locker setting, removed clocks from my view, drank chamomile tea, played soft music, and practiced relaxation techniques without success. Taking a bath, exercising, reading, or…

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