The emperor


The emperor is without his clothes
but his blind followers can’t see that
he has hoodwinked them into thinking
that he is attired in silken robes of sacrifice
the truth is, his naked self aggrandisement
is flaunted proudly
fawning flunkies with fervid ferocity
denounce and denigrate all detractors
that are anyway abysmally few and far between.

He walks like the Colossus
striding over confidently ahead
he swats opposition like flies
with vitriolic criticism
his street smart chutzpah has massive following
fed on the false promises of deliverance
they are in a trance like state
transfixed by the unnaturally flamboyant hubris
flammable and racist speeches
have turned them into rabid, misogynist trolls
spewing lies, deceit and hatred

If you are a passive bystander
brace yourself for apocalypse now!

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