2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Praises Woodrow Wilson for Opposing Online Learning During 1918 Pandemic | The New Yorker

  1. You’ve cited 3 articles, today. Each of them represented something petty along the lines of “speech” or “personality”.

    Anyone who dislikes a leader for their personality or their character, is a moron.

    How high can anyone raise the bar on pettiness and trivialness, when it comes down to this “celebrity culture” of personalities and the shallowness of people’s character before the camera? How is it at all, even in the slightest sense intellectual, to criticize a person’s character?

    “I don’t like how he behaves,” says that critic. Yet, he or she is talking to an adult, who could be a politician, or the like. They stand before the camera, always wearing a mask. Yet, you are criticizing what they are wearing during one moment, and not during the next.

    Can anyone answer that?

    Why does character matter, in place of policy? When we focus on smiles, frowns, and other quirks of a human, representing our imperfections, we delude ourselves into believing they shouldn’t be there. That is demoralizing.

    To look at Donald Trump, say that he’s a “bad person” because of some personality trait, is weakness, in incarnate. It’s the American or Americanized way of holding a perspective that deals with the external, not whatever goes on, either behind the scenes or beyond the surface. That, of course, enforces prejudice. That, of course, makes more go on behind the scenes, while every objective idiot is focusing on the surfaces. That, of course, makes each person who does this blind to what goes on, as we raise a society that dislikes critical thinking.

    Don’t be that person.


  2. Yes. Because, Special Needs children cannot learn through online classes. They seriously cannot. You plan to dispose of them?

    And… 1918 pandemic…? Online learning…? Unless I read that title wrong, I didn’t know we had the internet back in 1918.

    Please don’t be another one of those average morons who dislikes Trump, simply for the image of it. It makes you look small.


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