Five Strategies to Kill Procrastination

Be Inspired..!!

Procrastination gets a bad rap, but there are upsides to putting things off. Although procrastination can fuel creativity, giving you “time to consider divergent ideas, to think in nonlinear ways, to make unexpected leaps.” But, too much of a good thing can throw a wrench in your professional plans. Sometimes, you just need to get stuff done, and sooner rather than later. To do otherwise is to risk angering your boss, coworkers and clients — not to mention, adding a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here are five strategies to kill procrastination :

  • Before going to bed, prepare a to do list of five items. You can’t trust yourself to make these decisions in the morning. You may put off things you don’t want to do and not get them done.
  • First item should be an easy and/or fun activity. When you cross this item off early in the day, you’ll build…

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