a force of nature

A Writer's Soul

Look at the white lights that dance upon the waters edge,
Reflected in your tired eyes, they appear and disappear with ever blink.
They say the feelings and desires are here to stay, yet once the ripples subside,
You’re gone like a ghost lost in the mist, faded in the waters surface.
We will never be the same as the night we found each other,
Fresh and free with wide-eyes, innocent in so many ways;
Just as the sun will never shine less than when the moon dangles in its sky,
We fade into each other, bleeding and sinking into a never-ending horizon.
But time has a funny way of altering everything we once found comfort in,
And our routines are bound by the nature of an ever-changing universe.

This feeling is meant to be natural and beautiful and pure,
Yet I can never seem to cling to the feeling…

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