Quit Shirking Hard Work and Honor Your Commitments – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


They say character is who we are when no one is watching. There are mornings when it comes in handy. Character spur us to act and commit. Being committed is doing what you promise you will do when others would quit. It is staying the course and continuing along the chosen path, even when the going is tough. We might slip and fall, but we get up and try again.

To become successful, we need to roll discipline into the mix. Discipline is a tool that allows us to conquer ourselves by obeying a code of behavior, enforcing prescribed conduct, and imposing self-control. Mastering ourselves frees us from bad habits, laziness, and lethargy. Self-discipline helps access delayed gratification, which improves our progress towards larger goals with future payoffs.

The three-musketeer package of character, commitment, and discipline aids in removing distractions, making decisions, and powering through the tough jobs. We can prioritize our…

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